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Developing Novel Fluorescence Based Instrumental and Analytical Methods

Developing Novel Fluorescence Based Instrumental and Analytical Methods

Dr. Mishra has made some major innovative contributions to analytical fluorimetry, especially in the area of analyzing complex multifluorophoric systems. Some of them include:
Introduction of a novel concept for analyzing multifluorophoric systems using synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy (SFS) by a modification of Beer-Lambert’s Law. This research provides a conceptual foundation for understanding ‘concentration dependent red shift’ observed in Synchronous Fluorescence (SF) Spectroscopy based analysis of complex multifluorophoric systems and also introduces a protocol for SF analysis.

Introduction of ‘Total Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy’ (TSFS) as an attractive alternative to the existing Excitation-Emission Matrix Spectroscopy, and a procedure for theapplication of PARAFAC (a chemometric technique) to TSFS data enabling automation of data processing.

Introduction of a facile measurement technique for luminescence quantum yield , by designing an optical spectrometer that uses the same light source and detector for both the electronic absorption and luminescence spectral measurements.

Introduction of a new fluorescence data collection concept, ‘White Light Excitation Fluorescence’ and showcasing its application potential.

Introduction of miniaturized fiber-optic compatible fluorimeter configurations and probe-heads.

Introduction of a new parameter called ‘total fluorescence quantum yield’ relating to the volume under the 3D EEMF plots and the method of ‘excitation emission matrix spectral subtraction fluorescence’ .

Innovative optimization of fluorescence data acquisition techniques and various chemometric methods towards developing practical applications like petroleum fuel adulteration analysis , petroleum fuel-biofuel blend composition estimation , monitoring of transformer oil degradation , analysis of polycyclic aromatic compounds in water, classification of Ayurvedic preparations and oral cancer diagnosis.