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General Area of Research:

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Physical Photochemistry

Specific Areas:

Fluorescence of complex multifluorophoric systems, Understanding microheterogeneous and organized systems using fluorescent molecular probes, Analytical Fluorimetry, Photophysics

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Swayam Prakash and Ashok Kumar Mishra (2022) “Method Of Detecting Faecal Pigments In Water Using Solid State Green Fluorescence On Metal Salts”, Indian Patent No: 405277, dt. 30.08.2022.



H. S. P. Rao, A. K. Mishra, M. Kamalraj and J. Swain (2013) “Preparation and Properties of Suger-Triazole Cardanol Conjugates”, Indian Patent application no: 4611/CHE/2013.


A. K. Mishra and D. Patra (2006) “A Fluorometric device for in situ Estimation of Adulterants in Liquid Petroleum Products”, Patent (Indian), No. 200561 of 09/05/2001, granted on 25/05/2006.